Wolverine - California Survey

2006 Winter Wolverine Survey in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Wolverine pup in tree

Wolverines once roamed the high elevations of the Sierra Nevada. Never common, their numbers were much reduced by hunting, trapping and predator control activities. It is now doubtful that the species persists in the Sierra Nevada. Between January and May 2006 we conducted a winter survey for wolverines in the most likely last stronghold of the species, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Despite the high power of our survey to detect wolverines at densities as low as one animal per 1000 km2 we found no evidence of wolverines in the parks. We did record several other mesocarnivores at high elevations, including marten, fisher, coyote and bear. Our survey extended the known elevational winter range of coyotes to 10,500’.

Winter survey map


Bait Station with a MartenMarten on bait tree