IWS Mission
San Nicolas Island Fox
San Nicolas Island Fox
Humans continue to push species into threatened or endangered status by modifying their habitats without assessing the risks of such actions. With extinctions occurring on a worldwide basis at an alarming rate, global biodiversity is compromised and the fabric of life on the planet is loosened.


The Mission of the Institute for Wildlife Studies is to gather information necessary to maintain biodiversity and viable populations of all species, and enhance our understanding of the animals with which we share our world.

Many private environmental consulting firms engage in short-term surveys and assessments of wildlife populations for the purpose of assisting developers in complying with State and Federal laws. However, long-term investigations are necessary to compile information needed to address the resource requirements of animals, and to implement strategic planning for their survival. With the assistance of numerous funding agencies, the Institute has initiated long-term wildlife investigations to meet these objectives.

The Institute for Wildlife Studies was incorporated in 1979 as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Service designation 501c(3).